PREVIEW @Marvel #Comics #SilverSurfer #1 by @DanSlott @AllredMD @TheNRW #NRW

Hold On and Hang Tight With a First Look at SILVER SURFER #1!

Anywhere and Everywhere! This January, the sentinel of the starry space ways returns from the edge of the universe for the start of a thrilling new adventure in SILVER SURFER #1! Comic superstars and fan-favorite creative team of Dan Slott, Mike Allred and Laura Allred are back to chronicle the next chapter for Norrin Radd and Dawn Greenwood! The Silver Surfer has shown his companion Dawn Greenwood the cosmos. Taking her to the end of the universe and back, together they’ve experienced the weird, the strange and the fantastic. But now, the time has come to show her the most fantastic planet of all – Earth! Only she (and you!) have never seen it like this before. Monsters, magic, monumental moments and more! Plus – a secret that will change everything! Now is your chance to hop on BOARD the series that has the industry talking! Catch a cosmic wave when SILVER SURFER #1 comes to comic shops and digital devices this January!

SILVER SURFER #1 (NOV150763), Written by DAN SLOTT Art & Cover by MIKE ALLRED & LAURA ALLRED, Variant Cover by MARCO RUDY (NOV150764), Hip-Hop Variant by CLIFF CHIANG (NOV150765), Baby Hip-Hop Variant by CLIFF CHIANG (NOV150766), Deadpool Variant by WILL SLINEY (NOV150767), FOC – 12/14/15, On-Sale – 01/13/16


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