Heya, heya, heya!!!  I’m baaaack!!!  My lovely wife and I have finally settled into our new palatial mountain estate in Tennessee, and I can finally return to what I love, writing!  And there is nothing I like writing more than these reviews!!!  Today we go back to the early 80’s, when Disco was breathing its death rattle, as we take a look at Dazzler #11.  Yes, you read that right, THE Dazzler! Not the blue costumed Alison Blaire from the late 80’s X-men, but the early, sparkly costumed Alison Blaire complete with a mini-disco ball necklace accessory!  Burn baby, burn!


Complete Arc:  N/A – Single issue review: …Lest Ye Be Judged

Year Released: 1982

Creative Team:  Danny Fingeroth – Writer (based on an idea from Tom Defalco), Frank Springer – Artist

Heroes: Dazzler

Villains: Terrax, Galactus

Notable Quotable:  “Be mellow”! That’s all you musicians do, isn’t it, with all the drugs you take. – Judge Carter Blaire

Terrax, herald of Galactus, betrays his master by abandoning his duties and fleeing into a black hole.  Feeling it beneath himself to give chase, the devourer of worlds inexplicably kidnaps superhero/singer Dazzler to do his dirty work for him.  Increasing her sound-converting light abilities with the power cosmic, Galactus sends her into the black hole to bring back his minion!  Meanwhile, Judge Carter Blair goes on the hunt for his estranged daughter after finally deciding for forgive her for becoming an performer instead of a lawyer.  Will Dazzler defeat Terrax and be returned home by Galactus, or will Terrax send her home in a tiny, tiny box?  Will Judge Blair find his daughter, or will he keep insulting musicians until they punch him in his pompous mouth?  Read Dazzler 11 to find out all the gripping details!!!!

Danny Fingeroth (Avengers, Daredevil and the entire Darkhawk run) does a fine job spinning this seemingly lopsided yarn.  While the story narration in this issue is captivating, his dialogue is, at times, downright silly (what woman, in the 80’s, called anyone laughing boy?).  All in all, his work in this book is well done.

Frank Springer (Secret Six, House of Mystery, Detective Comics) is an outstanding artist.  His lines are solid and crisp and his visuals really give the eye some meat to chew on.  So strong is his work on this book that you can forgive some of Fingeroth’s sometimes distracting character discourse.

Dazzler, despite her goofy costume, has always intrigued me.  Her power set, turning sound into light, is one of the most original I’ve seen and the basis for a villain in my own novel.  That being said, I was never a fan of her solo book.  But when I saw that she was taking on a herald of Galactus, I just had to be a front row spectator for what was sure to be a shit show.  I was pleasantly surprised when the story turned out to be pretty good.  While not as historically important as some of the other books I’ve reviewed, Dazzler 11 is a solid read.  Pick it up if you get the chance!

I hope you enjoyed my return review of this odd book!  I’ll catch you on the flip-side!  Until then, check out my novel on Trippingoverreality.com and throw us a Facebook like on Tripping Over Reality.  Outta here!!!!!

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