Come get some #Chum today! #surfnoir from @ryanklindsay @sami_kivela @ComixTribe! #FOLLOW @TheNRW

May is the season for #surfnoir! Get your beach crime delight from Ryan K. Lindsay with Sami Kivelä art, Mark Dale colours, Nic J Shaw letters, Dan Hill edits, all through ComixTribe!

Screenshot 2016-01-21 15.22.04

Sami Kivelä cover // Vic Malhotra variant

CHUM #1 lands on shelves May 4 and it begins our miniseries all about surfing, regret, divorce, ultraviolence, and a big ol’ bag full of drugs and cash.

This book is hugely inspired by the slick worlds and rocket-fuelled narratives of Hard Case Crime and Gold Medal paperback pulps, the comics of Phillips/Brubaker, and that dark undercurrent of TERRIERS.


The art in this comic is beyond beautiful with Mark working so tenderly over Sami’s inks!



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