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MARVEL LEGACY #1 Launch Parties Celebrate Marvel’s Exciting New Series!
Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic kick off an exciting story – and you’re invited to join in the fun!

New York, NY—July 28, 2017—This fall, MARVEL LEGACY #1 will guide you through the pages of time, back to the dawn of 1,000,000 BC – when the very first Avengers took up the responsibility of being heroes. And this action-packed 50-page issue is just the tip of the iceberg for the coming MARVEL LEGACY, which finds all our heroes on journeys that will change them forever. A time when every series in the Marvel Universe will be an event within itself!


MARVEL LEGACY #1 provides the starting point for more than a year’s worth of stories. Mysteries, returns, and infinite possibilities await Marvel readers. This is the one comic no one will want to miss, and what better way to debut it than with a party!

To celebrate the kickoff to this blockbuster event, Marvel will partner with participating retail stores to host MARVEL LEGACY #1 LAUNCH PARTIES. In addition to exclusive variant covers, participating retail stores will receive exciting promotional items.


All qualifying retailers will receive the following as the part of the MARVEL LEGACY #1 PARTY KIT:

· MARVEL LEGACY #1 PARTY Invitational Postcards (Bundle of 100)

· FOOM Magazine offering a nostalgic look at the past present and future of Marvel Comics!*


· Joe Quesada Marvel Legacy # posters

· Downloadable Cake Toppers

Retailers who qualify will also be eligible to order the MARVEL LEGACY #1 PARTY VARIANT and MARVEL LEGACY #1 QUESADA PREMIERE VARIANT.


FOOM Magazine returns, and will be presented in a format similar to the fan favorite magazine of the 70’s. Included within its pages are in-depth articles about the creation of MARVEL LEGACY, an overview of the many EIC’s that have forged Marvel Comics over the years, an examination of the Marvel bullpens of the past, a spotlight on the Infinity trilogy, a guide from Deadpool that looks ahead to his newest Legacy book – and so much more!

Retailers are encouraged to check their Marvel Mailer and Diamond Daily for more information about the MARVEL LEGACY #1 LAUNCH PARTIES and how to opt-in before 8/21. With a story by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic, MARVEL LEGACY #1 brings all of your favorite characters together for exciting and epic new stories.

Need more MARVEL LEGACY? Visit Marvel’s hub for all things past, present and future at and view creative teams, story arcs, solicits, and more.

Head to your local comic shop on September 27th to get your hands on MARVEL LEGACY #1!



Written by JASON AARON


Double Gatefold Cover by JOE QUESADA

Lenticular Cover (Non-Gatefold) by JOE QUESADA


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