Star Wars: The Last Jedi – The NRW Review!

You have space.

And some pew pew swoosh pew zing moments.

You get a Star Wars of awesome.

SW-TheLastJedi-Poster (3)


That’s the spoiler free version review of it. Here’s the slightly may have sprinkles of spoilers.  The pacing of the movie was pretty good. Starting out with some comedic relief from Poe, making a phone call to General Hux  which was hilarious start till we jumped into the action.  Visually as always the fighting is stunning and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Also had a how dare you Poe basically hang up on General Leia! And seeing Carrie Fisher in General Leia Organa through out this whole movie made my heart joyful. Especially later on there’s a scene with her and a blaster and I was like ahhhhhh go Leia. But back to the beginning.  We have basically a split story, half following the rebels trying to safely and quickly evacuate from the First order and then Rey and Grumpy old man Luke  training sequences  featuring Chewie and Porgs.

The best of both of the storylines is  meeting Admiral Holdo, who I really wanna know more about as well as seeing Rose and Finn interactions.  Rose is my new favorite Rose in all geekdom, thank you Kelly Marie Tran for being just frackin stellar. Seeing most of the world on how the First Order does business and the way it trickles through out the universe and effects so many.  So the side mission for the Rebels balanced action and world building and comic relief and comic excellence from BB-8.

And then with the other half is Rey and Luke and her like notice me and train me senpai.  And Luke is like never again. We get some more back story on what happened with him and Kylo from both sides. And it let’s you know how interesting perspective of events can be.

Eventually the storyline crosses and both courses of action become one and when the gang finally, finally gets all back together you kinda have to give a cheer. Also Admiral Holdo is bad motha-shut-your-mouth and deserves to have her name written among the stars and that’s with out me spoiling it.

Basically Star Wars: the Last Jedi was good. It leaves some more questions unanswered and leaves you wondering where are they going next. Also there is a nice touch (spoiler) that supposedly Rey from nowhere  (Jakku) is the daughter of nobodies.  If this is true it pushes toward that the force can be found in anyone not just the 4 family lines we know of. And the one of the last scenes with the kid and the broom. I KNOW HE MOVED THAT BROOM WITH THE FORCE.  You can’t tell me otherwise.

Go see the movie. Just enjoy it.

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