Jordan Peele’s knack for suspense and horror exceeds expectations in Us with amazing casting choices and honestly a great score. This is as spoiler free as I could get to review this movie, so enjoy.

Us is a well paced journey through a horror landscape set in Sants Cruz. The balance of the characters in present day with each other and during the terrifying bits is just really great acting chemistry. Winston Duke’s loveable but corny dad is relatable and balances Lupita Nyong’o role as caring but protective mother. And the young actors playing their children did a phenomenal job as themselves and as their otherselves. Shahadi Wright Joseph and Evan Alex are amazing and honestly their performances in this make me excited to see what happens next in their careers

But now get to the nitty gritty without spoiling too much, how do you fight yourself? The base line of this is they are coming for their time in the world by any means necessary. And it starts with the Wilson family, our main focus and essentially who we are rooting for. In a series of present day glimpses and some flashbacks our story takes form. Family vacation, all you could ever want right? With small connecting pieces of bread crumbs prior to the climax of the story, you dont realize the pieces till its already off and running and then 10 minutes after the credits your sitting there like what have I witnessed. Answer, you witnessed really great storytelling.

The movie’s soundtrack helps the pacing along and honestly their is one song now that will forever creep me out and its surprisingly not the rendition of ‘I’ve got 5 on it’. The way Jordan Peele uses music to set mood for some of the scenes is an art and the way some of the scarier or more suspenseful scenes were shot really make the moment. And the moment is to make you hold your breath waiting for the outcome. Also I must say, Mr. Peele’s touch of comedy in horror situations is a great balance. Because having the whole theater have a moment of ‘Come on, Man’ or ‘oh Snap’ is really an experience. Us is a horror movie. It’s not slasher or really like anything horror wise I have seen lately. Its definitely in a league of its own. If you’re a horror and suspense fan this is an enjoyable ride. If you are not a horror fan but really want to experience this, it may make you question you a bit, and the fear of yourself can be like a blanket of doubt to reality, but you should be good in the nightmare department.

I get the comparisons to Hitchcock but I would like to say Jordan Peele’s horror/suspense mind is one of its own masterpieces that has a creative way of twisting reality, possibility and fear into a story worth watching. Also with a truly amazing cast to bring his characters to life, Us is truly the movie to catch this weekend if possible.

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