FILM REVIEW: Good Boys! #TheNewRevieW! #NRW!


From the minds of those that brought us all, Superbad. Here is SuperBad meets Middle School but exceedingly better because the creators have honed their craft of this buddy movie comedy genre.

Without spoilers, the Bean Bag Buddies are entering 6th grade with the hopes and dreams of being cool kids and charging forward as a kick ass trio of boys. Thor (yes that is his name) is focused on being cool and using his angelic gifted singing voice to audition for the school play. Lucas is just trying to have good times and play some Ascension with his friends. And Max after the most awkward puberty talk with his dad wants to kiss his crush at their first kiss party.

But then you have all the pure comedic factors I never encountered as a tween hit them like a well timed wrecking ball of bullies, booze and blow up dolls. Like think one wholesome kiddo and two very excitable Pinky and the Brain like kiddos go on a quest through the back door of Google which leads to like 10 things I am sure any parent has on their nope list.

Despite all the humor and shenanigans this movie has so much heart and tackles friendship growing pains in a way that is actually refreshingly nice spin on it. And also some small plot twist that just equal more laughs as the movie goes on. I didn’t have expectations going in but I can say that it was a laugh till you cry experience. From beginning to end credits there is so much laughter and if you need a fun movie to watch with friends or for a night out this is a top tier pick. It walks the line well between keeping the kids in their age range but also being just a perfect laugh fest.

Good Boys is out in theaters now! If you can find it, give it watch and leave us a comment here on how you liked it!

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