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New Release Wednesday! Hello everyone! What started as a weekly comics picks and pop culture show has grown into something so much more… we hope you’ll join us as we plan to become your new home for #ALLTHETHINGS! ~ Patrick Michael Strange, Host/Producer

Featured past guests have included: Jeremy Ambler, Ashlee Stormborn, Carolyn Belefski, Manu Bennett, Belle Bredehoft, Morgan Brownen, Cameron King (Bubba & Cameron’s Prop Shop), Joe Carabeo, Maggie Cogan, Joe Colton, Jim Cummings, Stephanie Ann Dorman, Tod Emko, Matthew & Shawn Fillbach (The Fillbach Brothers), Rainie (Friends From Fandoms), John Gallagher, S.L. Gallant, Jerry Gaylord, Brandy Gibson, Norrin Radd Harlow, Matt Hawkins, Mansa Herndon, Dylan Hintz (DC Stunt Coalition), Kevin Hock, Ellen Hollman, Mickie Holm, Jamal Igle, Matthew James, Tom King, Michael Lindenbaum (X75 Productions), Nikole McDonald-Jones, Skydance MacMahon, Scott Markley, Adam Martin, Carla Speed McNeil, Ashley Mills, Anna Mitchell, Samantha Newark, Shaun Paulet, Tia Cherie Polite, Arsia Rozegar, Josh Schwartz, Carla Speed McNeil, Wendell Smith, Liam Stillman, Emily Sylvest, Ben Taylor, Antonio Te-Maioha, Christopher Wanamaker, Ron West, Jeremy Whitley and Jonathon Wolk!

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